Memorial HeroBracelet letter from Arizona

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 Here's a letter from Arizona.


Dear HeroBracelets,

I want to say thanks for the memorial hero bracelets you sent me.  I had ordered one from another website last year and it was very thin and flimsy and didn't last for more than a couple months. I've been wearing your memorial hero bracelet for around six months now and it's still very beautiful and is much sturdier than the others. I want to let you know I appreciate how you can make a much better memorial bracelet than these other guys, sell it for less money AND still give two dollars from each bracelet to the Fallen Heroes Fund. Not sure how you do it, but very happy that you do. Keep up the good work. I gave memorial bracelets to many of my friends and they are sad to have lost our friend, but very glad to be able to remember him with his bracelet.

T.L. Rains, Tucson