LT Brandon Shroder has a lot of supporters.

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We've heard from Carolyn Shroder on several occasion. She's got a blog and a lot of pictures of her family and friends all wearing their HeroBracelets with LT. Shroder's name. You can see her blog at


Jessica Pinkerton first introduced me to She was wearing this beautiful copper bracelet with her husbands name on it. When I met Jessica her husband had just left for his 2nd deployment. She shared with me that she bought one of these bracelets for his entire family and they wear them everyday to show their support. I loved the idea and bookmarked it in the back of my mind.

Fast forward 6 months and now with Brandon gone I thought about purchasing one for myself. I went over one day to help with the babies and she presented me with the bracelets. SO AWESOME!! (Thank you Erica.) I wore it for a couple weeks until I decided that this isn't something I need to hog- it's something I need to share... I bought 4 bracelets for the girls in the platoon who chose to stay here and man the fort in 29 Palms. Put their hubby's names on 'em and with pride these girls wear their bracelets everyday without taking them off. We even made the Herobracelets website as I sent in a thank you note with our photo...

Carolyn Shroder