Army Bracelets are a fitting tribute.

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Dear HeroBracelets,

We ordered a dozen of your Army Bracelets last week and they arrived today. I must say, we are all thrilled. My nephew is in the Army and currently serving in Iraq. We all wanted something to remind us of him daily and the Army Bracelets with his name are perfect. I put mine on right out of the package and I plan on wearing it till he comes home. I think he's got another 4 months before he comes home. We all miss him very much but I have to say, having his Army bracelet on makes me feel a little closer to him already.

Thanks for this website. I'm glad to know this all supports the Intrepid center. I hope my nephew never has to use the center, but if he does, I think he'll be in very good hands.

Rachel Wylie

Bend, Ore