Thank you for the soldier bracelets.

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We ordered your soldier bracelets in the names of some of our hometown boys that are in Iraq. We're a small town in Maine and we have several of our boys over there in the fight. We liked the idea of having soldier bracelets to wear while they're over there. We've had a lot of people ask about them just about every day and often people know the boys on the bracelets. Can't tell you how many times people ask where we got these soldier bracelets and I send 'em your way. I think it's really going to catch on here as folks wear more bracelets.

Wanna thank you for such a great way to show our support of these boys. My wife and I are far too old to go join em, but we're proud to tell our friends and neighbors about em.

Besides, the bracelets look great and they're pretty darn tough. I wear mine all the time and it's holding up better than I am!

Thanks for the great idea and keep up the good work.

Jack and Ellie Taylor, Bangor Ma