Iraq bracelets mean a lot.

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Dear HeroBracelets,

My nephew sent us your Iraq bracelets with his son's name on them. He is in Iraq now and we pray for him every day. He's always on our mind. These Iraq bracelets really are a great thing for us. I see his name on my wrist all day and I send him good thoughts or little prayers all the time. I just think it has to help. I wrote him about the bracelet and he really seemed happy to know we're keeping him in our minds all the time.

I like the Iraq bracelets too. They are very well made and comfortable. I wear mine all the time and people ask about it all the time. I tell them all about my JJ and they tell me they'll keep him in their thoughts and prayers too.

If I ever lose my bracelet, I'll order another!

Milly Jay, Houston Te