Wreaths Across America.

I would just like to thanks you once again for all that you at herobracelets. thanks for allowing me the opportunity to replace my old lost bracelet to honor Captain Walker, although I know we will probably never get his remains returned, I feel better just having the bracelet again. It's like nice to know that there are people out there that care.

I wanted to let you know that the Wheatland (wyoming) Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol is participating in the Wreaths Across America at our local cemetery laying Christmas wreaths on veterans gravesites. The ceremony is scheduled for 13 December. anyone interested in helping or attending a ceremony in their local area can check out the website: www.wreathsacrossamerica.org

This is a national event which is concurrent with the ceremony at Arlington, wreath sponsorships can be purchased online (you will need a code for the cemetery you want the wreath sent to, out of the participating ones of course) The Wheatland WY cemetery is "wycap059" anyone wishing to donate to this cemetery can mail their check or money order to me at Wheatland Composite Squadron , CAP 2351 W Mariposa Pkwy, Wheatland WY 82201 or log on to the site and pay by credit card. Please use the code "wycap059- wheatland cemetery" on the online form. If you have veteran relatives here in our cemetery please opt to send your money to us directly and give us the name of your relative so we can place the wreath on your specific relative if you dont have a relative here and jsut want to donate to honor vets let us know.

We have about 400 veterans here at $15 a pop thats approximately $6,000.00 we need to raise., we cna use all the help we can get. Its a pretty small town of 3500 people. We have opted to not take the fundraising options offered to us and instead the cadets opted to take the other option which is 3 for 2 which means for every 2 wreaths sold we will received 3. that will help some. but we need everyones help. Thanks for letting me tell about our event.

Susan McDonald, Lt Col CAP

Wheatland Composite Squadron