My Hero, my nephew Zak.

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My Hero is my nephew Zak.   He is a Marine and a darn good one.  His Dad was a Marine also and fought in Viet Nam.   Zak got through a tour in Afghanastan and then another tour in Iraq.  He has seen and done things that our young men should not have to.   But then because of men like Zak, we life in a nation that allows us to be who we are and have the freedoms we know and love.

Zak has now just finished another tour going from country to country throughout the South Pacific... I know what they were actually looking for ,,, is not something he can talk about.  But he just arrived back to his home base safe and sound,  AGAIN.

I am wearing my HeroBracelet until Zak is home here with us and I wear it proudly... I purchased them for our whole family!

And thank you for offering the opportunity to have these bracelets to keep our hero's a little closer to use all the time until they come home safe!

Thank You