My Hero, My son. SPC Timothy Goldacker.

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My hero on my hero bracelet is   my son SPC Timothy Goldacker. Tim spent 15 months in Iraq. This was an unbelievable time for our entire family. I was filled with every emotion a human being could have. Great pride, fear, sadness and helplessness to name a few. We spent holidays and birthdays without him and he without us. We had to keep from him the death of his beloved "Uncle Rick" because he could have done nothing but morn alone and we missed his warm embrace and comforting way . He came home on leave and already he was a different person than the "boy" that left here. His leave was at the end of March and he returned to Iraq on Easter morning. He came home to a Christmas tree that we had decided to leave up until he came home. He is #3 in line of 5 boys. The youngest is nine, the oldest 29.  Shortly after he returned to Iraq the humvi that he was driving was hit by a grenade launcher. His buddy was killed. He is just now talking about the horrors of that day. I remember all too well the phone call we got telling us of the attack. He feels that there was more he could have done for Billy that day." If only this, if only that". The horrors of war will haunt him forever. We, as his family want to share his pain.I, as his mother wish that I could take his place. We have now learned that he has been "stop lossed" and will be returning to Iraq. He was due to get out in March 2009. I have not yet found a way to tell this to his 9 year old brother. We literally LIVE for the weekends that he gets to come home. Plane tickets are not cheap and certainly not free unless of course he is headed to Iraq!  Every time he comes home it is Christmas, New Years, 4th of July and birthdays all over again. He has made the remark that he just wants to be one of the brothers, not special or unique. He says that he is not a hero but just another soldier." A soldier is a hero"', I tell him ,"and you are unique"! He is mentally and physically strong and so very humble. He draws his strength from his family,his girlfriend, his faith, love of Country and was "army strong" way before the army got him. When my youngest son and I were picking out fireworks that 4th of July that he was away he asked me " mom, do you think these people know that my brother is away protecting our freedom? Do you think they understand that he is not free so that we can be?" Fighting back my tears, I could only say " I hope so sweet boy, I hope so!" There were and are and will be so many things that take place over the unknown next year or more that will make me sad, happy and so damn proud. My wish for America is to focus on these  un-sung heroes. They deserve so much more than we give them and they ask for nothing. I could literally write a book on our experiences and the Good Lord knows my son sure could. I truly wish people could understand the pain that comes with this choice of becoming a soldier, the price we pay as a family, the sacrifices our young soldiers and their families make. My son is a soldier but he is also my little boy. I wear my bracelet so proudly and will be ordering another for his next tour of duty. Please, the next time you hop into a warm shower, smell the fresh air, or just simply pour a hot cup of coffee before you begin your day, think of brave warriors and ask God to watch over them. And the next time you see a man or woman in uniform take the time to shake their hand and tell them THANK YOU! Thank you hero bracelet for all you do. God Bless America

and God Bless Our Troops!

With much gratitude and Hope,

Colleen Goldacker, Proud United States Army