My Hero is Kevin F. Sheehan.

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My Hero is Kevin F. Sheehan

My uncle was many things a wonderful Friend, a great father, A excellent Husband, a Family man one would say. when asked about him I think of many things, Many memories. One that i feel is my strongest memory is when I was a freshman in High School and my brother was a senior. And my uncle was married and living with my Aunt Heather.

On Dec. 2nd my Brother did the unthinkable and took his life with me in my room and my Dad in his. I still remember that day like it was yeasterday my dad yelling "God no John why why why". My dad called his twin sister first and she came over with her husband to get me out of the house.

My uncle took me to their house while my aunt stayed with my dad. The next few hours blend together but my Dad called everyone in the family to tell them. When my uncle got to my grams house I was sitting on the steps with my gram and Dad he came running up and asked first how he did it to my Dad, he did not notice me sitting right there. then went off punching the garage and crying. when he turned he saw me crying all over again and came running up to me grabbing me in the tightest hug he could and held me for what felt like a hour.

That night he tucked me in to my grandmas bed so i could get some sleep and stayed up with my Dad till he fell asleep. When my Dad woke up screaming to my gram " My little boy is dead mommy mommy." My uncle was there to hold him till my gram got down stairs and when i came down he held me. My uncle was very protective of his family and loved us so much. So when it came to a problem getting my brothers head stone my uncle was there. He told me if i had needed him he was there for me. In 1998 his first child was born. I took the day off from school to go see him. Nathiniel John Sheehan.

It was so great he was so happy. I was in my last few weeks of High School and could not wait to graduate. He was at my graduation and actually the first one I saw after i got my diploma he was at the end of the stage arms open for a hug. I spent a week with him that summer before i went to college. it was one of the best summers I ever had. I went to school at Johnson and Wales and would call him to ask him questions or just to talk it was my first time on my own. A couple years later after college was done I got a job for the university and was on a job retreat in Denver when i got a weird feeling in my stomach that something was wrong so i called home and found out my Grandma had lost her fight with cancer.

I got on the next plane heading for home and came home. Walking into my grandmas house was hard for me but once again my uncle had open arms for me just holding me. knowing i was a day behind them on the grief. we were always a very stong nit family. So when i got the call saying he was going to Iraq I cried. and then joke with him that i was going to break his leg. At that time he had two kids Alyson and Nathaniel. So we went on and had our regular family Christmas party which would end up being he last time i would see him alive.

We always picked on each other so he picked me up over his shoulder and i laughed telling my aunt "well maybe i will not break his leg he is doing a good job at breaking his back now," we all laughed and i told him how much i loved him and to be careful.

He left for Iraq 3 weeks later. I go a card from him once. but hat was all I talked to my aunt the kids, and even sent them a goody box. When my dad called me with the news he was killed in war I screamed and thru my phone my roomies at the time took my keys till i calmed down enough to drive. It was the longest drive all i wanted to do was get home to the family that had already helped me so much. but it was not the same without my uncles arms. I will never forget him and tell his kids how great of a daddy they had and how much he loved them. Nathiniel is a spiting image of his dad and a ball buster just like his dad. but he is also one of the most caring kids you will ever meet.

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