My Hero, CPL. Edward Yoho.

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Hello.  I am the proud wife of CPL. Edward Yoho.  He is on his second tour to Afghanistan right now.  He served in Iraq in 2005-2006 and now he is to be in Afghanistan until March of 2009.  He is a great soldier and a great father.  He is the kind of soldier any woman would want for a husband.  He knows how to seperate work from home life.  He is out of the 101st ABN DIV.  He is an infintry man and puts his life on the line everyday for us.  I am very proud of the person my husband has become.  We have a 9 month old baby together and my husband had to leave when my son was almost 3 months old.  I think that was the hardest thing he has ever done in his life.  He came home in Late Aug for midtour leave and got to see how much he has grown.  My son knew who his daddy was and it made him feel so good.  My advice to the Ladies out there that have childeren make a book that your children can go through of pics of their dads and make sure they are sorounded with pictures on the walls and on stands.  There isnt a place my son can look that there isnt a picture of his dad.  Well Im sorry this is short and sweet but I can't put in words ow much of a hero my husband is.  Every soldier in my eyes is a hero.  God Bless and stay sa