My Hero. HM3 Eichmann A. Strickland.

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I' ve just ordered my Herobracelet.  was KIA on 9 Sep 2008. He has been a best friend to me my entire Navy Career. As an Corpsman, we have the luxury of being the Marine Corps Medics. Except we are not medics, we are Corpsman. HM3 Strickland was with a unit in Afghanistan. His unit is: Combat Service Support Det. 36, Iwakuni, Japan. He was a member of a US Marine embedded Training Team deployed to Afghan Regional Security Integration Command Central. He has treated several patients under-fire. HM3 Strickland saved countless lives, both American Marines and Army as well as Afghan Military and civilians.

He is truly a Hero! He fought in a war created on September 11th. A war that is so near to all of our hearts. A war that threatens our country as well as civilizations around the world. A war that we must win.

I've provided you with a few links so you can see what others are saying about him. If this gets chosen, there can not be just one interviewee, there must be a few more. Because i alone, can not tell the story of his life, or of the great-Heroic things he has done.

Again, the links below will show countless picture and stories, from his Commanding Officer to his friends back in Arlington, WA.This individual is truly a Hero. There would be no other Person to choose for this article. Why not write about a Hero for the Hero Bracelets!

See a story on HM3 Eichmann A. Strickland HERE.

Thank you for your time!

Very Respectfully,

HM3 Joseph S. Smith

Al Taqaddum, I