My Hero. My Father, CW3 John M. Dill.

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My family are new recipients of the Hero Bracelets.  A woman I work with wears one for her brother who is currently deployed and I loved the idea so much that when My father got his orders to go overseas to Iraq I was taking as many orders as I could.  I just received my families mailing of Hero Bracelets this week 9-29-08.

Soldiers Story: CW3 John M. Dill has 37 years serving in the Delaware Army National Guard.  Before 9-11-01 he was working part time with them serving 1 weekend a month and then 2 weeks in training a year.  On September 11, 2001 My Father CW3 John M. Dill went from his part time Army position he was serving with the Guard to becoming a full time solider working more than 40 plus hours a week for the DNG.

Currently my father is deploying to Iraq with the Delaware National guard 261st Signal Brigade.  At 56 years of age my father is proudly deploying this weekend 10-4-08 from Dover, DE and will serve approximately one year over in Iraq.  He is truly a hero and the 25 bracelets that we have ordered to not only support and remember my families Father, husband, grandfather, brother, son, father in law and most of all HERO will not take away the sadness we will all feel this weekend when he will be away from us for the next year through birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, school plays, dance recitals and much more.

The purpose of the Hero Bracelet to my Family:

Each day when a stranger, co-worker, friend or neighbor asks me or my family about our Hero Bracelets that we wear throughout our soldiers deployment we will be able to remember our Father, husband, grandfather, brother, son, father in law and HERO just like he was with us today.

These bracelets were very cleverly named and are so much more than just a bracelet. They serve as a link to memories everyone who wears one has with the soldier who is loved and remembered each day as they serve loyalty for our Blessed country AMERICA.

Thank you for your support of  REAL TRUE  HERO'S America's Armed Forces.


The Family of

Soldier CW3 John M.D