Our Hero, Payton Levenhagen.

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Right now, I'm smiling fondly at a photo of my son, Payton, when he was 3-yrs-old.  Back then, Payton viewed his father as the hero.

His father, the brave firefighter, that always had time to take Payton hunting or fishing.  Never put himself before the needs of little Payton.  Taught by example.  Showed Payton strength and a never-ending fatherly love, a love that is only understood between a father and son.   An understanding, a bond, a support system, a friendship, an 'I would go to war for you' feeling that never really needed to be said.  It was always known and was for life.

Payton is now an ARMY soldier and today is his father's biggest hero.  Funny in life, how things turn around.  That precious little 4-yr-old took all that he learned in life from his hero, and 'will now go to war' for his country and be a U.S. hero.  He is the epitome of goodness, of brotherhood, of love, of caring, of strength, of determination, of courage, of fun, of dedication; and of the best soldier he can be!

Perhaps Payton had to one-up his father, there was always stiff competition to be the best between father and son! :-)

Payton is our son. Payton is our hero!  Hooah!

Thanks for creating the Hero Bracelets.  My daughter and I never take ours off and feel as though Payton is always near, no matter how far.  Thanks for understanding who the real heros are.  We Support the Troops, honor the fallen soldiers and respect your Hero Bracelet Mission.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Hero's Mom

Hope Levenha