My Hero, Chris Kiernan.

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Here is Chris's story:

Chris Kiernan, born in Charlotte North Carolina and raised in Virginia Beach, made his way around the world as a soldier in the United States Army.  He was a soldier in his heart, in his mind and in his soul.  The kind of soldier that wanted to teach others, help them, train them, and want them to succeed. Whatever Chris experienced, he wanted to teach others, he wanted them to be the best they could be.  SSG Chris Kiernan was known as "The General". On a long hot day in the field, on manuevers, a soldier new to the company ask "Who is that guy that is shouting out orders". the response was "Oh, that's the General", the young soldier responded with, "Oh, one star or two star", with laughter, the guys told him, ...."nope, he's SSG Kiernan"!

The Hero braclets worn by his soldiers, friends and family list is name, "SSG Christopher The General Kiernan". Chris really never said much about his nickname, he just grinned about it. When the uniform came on, so did his "war face" which consisted of a dip of Copenhagen, and a sturn, focused look.  Any soldier that needed their class A unform set up with their ribbons and medals, it ended up under the contruction of SSG Kiernan. Chris knew Army protocal!  His knowledge of properly executing a mission, esorting a dignatary or setting up a pair of class A uniform pieces went from one end of the spectrum to another. Chris was comfortable talking to the Chief of Staff of the Arny, right on to coaching a private on getting the best deal on buying a car.  Chris was an example, beyond belief, he was considered when he had suggestions and he was respected throughout the ranks.

Married for only 5.5 years, but wanting to grow old with his wife was a dream that would not come true for either.  The marriage between Chris and his wife was unlike most, they were happy, they had fun together, the wanted to grow old together. The couple lost 2 babies, but decided to have pets and take care of as many abandoned animals as possible.  It was their dream to buy land, and get all of the animals they wanted.  Chris wrote these words in a letter to his wife, to be opened only in the case of death.  The letter was open at about 7:00pm, May 6, 2007. His wife read his request, and within a year bought land and built a farm.  The end of his letter asked his wife to find a burial place where she could be buried next to him.

He told her to rest assured that when it was her time, be certain that he would be waiting for her with open arms.  She wai