Our Hero, our son. LCpl. Chad Judd, USMC.

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My name is Kim Johnson and I am the proud mother of LCpl Chad Michael Judd, USMC. My husband Michael wanted to show support for our son during his deployment. We searched for ideas, the rubber 'Support Our Troops' bands were about the only thing out there for men. The problem was that Mikes hand/wrist were too large for the band. I got on-line and searched different military sites and found Hero Bracelets. When I showed my husband the site, he loved the idea. We ordered a bracelet for both of us, to honor and show support for our hero, our son Chad. Our bracelets are beautiful. Just the idea of the bracelet appealed to me, it reminded me of the POW/MIA bracelet I wore as a kid. Our bracelets have a camouflage background and say:

LCpl Judd, Chad USMC

My son, deployed Iraq 2008

Michael and I wear our bracelets to keep Chad close and to show support for our military. I know many people dislike this war and our presence in the Middle East but, we don't have to like the war and I don't know of any mother that is happy to send her child into harms way. More than anything I want people to be supportive  of all these Marines and soldiers because they ARE somebodys loved ones. I have had many people stop me and ask about my bracelet and where they can get one, feedback is always positive. If just seeing one of these bracelets causes people to stop and think about the names on these bracelets then, what a wonderful thing to happen! Mike and I will proudly wear our bracelets till our son is safely back home.

Many thanks,

Kim and Michael John