My Hero. My Son. SSG Ryan E. Haupt

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My son, SSG Ryan E. Haupt, was killed on October 17, 2006, while escorting a convoy in Baqubah, Iraq.  He had previous close calls before this, and we thought he had made it.  His tour was over and he was scheduled to be on his way home 3 days later.  He was actually escorting his units equipment when his humvee hit an IED.  I hadn't seen Ryan since the summer of 2005.  He was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, CO.  He left for Iraq at the end of November 2005.  He was part of an elite sniper unit out of Ft. Carson.  He was an expert marksman.  And was one of the best.  His sniper squads were responsible for making some of the roads safer in their area of Iraq.   His men respected him and really looked up to him.  He gave them encouragement and strength to make it through.

Ryan and his sisters were very close and it has been really hard for them.  We are all so proud of Ryan.  He believed in what he was doing over there.  Ryan was a remarkable young man who had (I am finding out) touched so many lives.  He was a jokester and loved to have fun and laugh.  That's what his Sniper squads remember most about him.  He would always do something to make life entertaining.  He would never let you be sad and would always make you smile.

Ryan was married in June of 2006 and was only married for 4 months when he died.  He loved his wife very much and that was probably the happiest 4 months of his life.

Ryan was my only son and very dear to my heart.

I've attached photos of him..........

Ryan, I will never forget your wonderful smile and your laughter.  You will always be in my heart and I look forward to the time we will be together again. I love you.

Lynn M. Foreh