My Hero. William "little billy" C. Koprince, Marines

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William "little billy" C. Koprince, marines,

Our Fallen Hero

In the beginning you were here before

However I never thought you would soar

The oceans roar to settle our core

And these emotions begin to pour

While the front line claims mine in this war

Can?t help but think this is only ink

Which will not bring back our fallen link

These tears drop while ammunition pops

Yet no cops has got me slamming yeast and hops

Our “little Billy” gone to heaven really?

Past the hill see where you and I will be

You should be shaking hands with your sister’s groom

While your dreams were to begin at the moon

A poem like this came well to soon

Confused on how it was your turn to go

I react slow my bro and the hurt shows

From head to toe because I will never know

Without a crime scene or your eyes that gleam

With shimmers of hope

Did your brothers share your genes?

Then we all cope

While the thought of you dying in vein

Has me going insane the Earth brings rain

As a family cries my hollow eyes have lost your ties

Watching your soul fly I ask the Lord why?

Through this mist I send you a kiss yet can?t dismiss

An ending I will never understand

To a president that won?t take your hand

Yet sends you off to a dangerous land

Has got me a little mad

Yet my emotions cry sad

For the cousin I had

For the officials that don't want to think about it

Here I sit contemplating why this is how it came to quits

Has me in fits to where I lost my wits

Unbearable to ask about the details

So as the sails set

All I can say is "hail to the troops"

Making me think of mothers who once fed you soup

Or when you were sick later took you out for ice cream scoops

That a son will never taste

And the Christmas tree with your picture and paste

Still can?t believe you are in heaven

While I am listening to the reverend

While I sit back and grieve

You tell me to achieve

I whisper I will in the presence of you and this eve

I remember you’re in a better place

So I pray in your grace

But know I will never forget a brother’s face

Now let us pray.

God is good is great please give us the fate

To relieve all of this hate and become one with your state

We mourn for the Koprince first born

And while we our still torn

We pray that you will fill our hearts with Billy?s love

For we know he rests with you above and flies with your doves

Every day you call for a good angel

And bless him with wings so as we hear the gospels sing

Let it bring comfort into our souls and fill this void of a hole

For we know he is doing a higher role

One that he fulfilled even on Earth under his own control

His honor and courage will always make him our hero in and out of fatigues

Putting him in a different league

For us to model ourselves in his light we will try to do so with all of our might

from Jake Koprince

In your name we pray


**This was written around 12/28/06 I hope it does not step on anyone’s toes or hurt feelings I just wanted other people to, maybe people who just stumble on this site the hurt and emotions felt and we will always miss you "little Billy" my cousin my brother my family and a piece of my heart l