A wish for our troops

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A Wish for Our Troops

My name is Linda Freedman and I have been a volunteer/supporter with Adopt A

Platoon for several years. The holidays are busy for everyone, but for a small group of

friends in Connecticut, we are even busier in November. That’s when we sign cards

and fill stockings with treats, a toy and things to help make our Troops’ lives a little


When the holidays are behind us, the support continues. These tough economic times

have hit all of us hard, but support for our Troops can be as inexpensive as the price of

a stamp. My adopted soldiers tell me over and over how much they appreciate my

cards and letters when they return from a hard mission, when they miss their families, or

when they have suffered the loss of one of their own.

Adopt A Platoon is only one of many organizations that you can join. The application is

right on the website. www.adoptaplatoon.org. You can become a “pen pal” and send a

card or letter each week. You can “adopt” a Solider or a Platoon and send a letter each

week and a box each month. Or you may choose to make a “one time” donation to a

particular campaign.

Something from home brightens a Soldier’s day and lifts the spirit.

It’s a wonderful way to say Thank You.

If you knit or crochet, a hand-made hat or blanket is always appreciated.

You may also contact me about my soldier support at mysoldiermail@yahoo.com.

Please keep the support going! A Soldier is waiting.

Here are the newest campaigns you can support through Adopt A Platoon.

For security reasons, no addresses are provided until you are approved as a supporter.

Circle of Mountains - Afghanistan

The 401st Army Field Support Brigade is situated in the center of a circle of mountains in

Afghanistan. There are many COPs (Combat Outposts) located throughout these mountains

and sometimes the battles can be heard and the plumes of smoke can be seen after a “hit”.

The F15’s can be seen flying their missions, often times flying throughout the night. As you can

imagine, it’s very cold there during the winter months and once winter sets in, they sometimes

are snowed in and unable to receive mail for weeks on end.

Your care package will be delivered to those Soldiers who are fighting in the circle of mountains

while living in very sparse conditions. They do not have access to a PX (store) and must depend

upon Military drops and care packages for their needs. Some of them have power, limited

showers, microwaves and coffee makers. Everything that you send will be used and sending

for 1 soldier or many soldiers within one box will be a huge morale boost to those who receive


Winter items for male and female Troops.

Hand warmers, foot warmers, wool blend socks (dark colors), black knitted hats, boxer briefs,

boxers, (all sizes), AA AAA batteries, protein bars, beef jerky, gum, warm knitted hats and black

gloves, stationery and black inked pens, newspapers, current magazines, toiletries and baby

wipes and more baby wipes, powdered drink mix singles, hot chocolate, ground coffee,

creamer, sugar packs, warm blankets, AA, DVD movies, CD music, board games, Card games,

dark thermal shirts, hand sanitizer wipes/liquids, cereal (hot and cold), hot pots for heating

water, All Occasion cards to mail home, soft toilet tissue, powdered drink mix singles, feminine

hygiene products, dark colored hair restraints, hygiene products, dart boards, footballs,

anything to help make their area a bit more homey. Wrapped candy and pocket size toys/stuffed

animals to give to the children, small sewing kits, eyeglass repair kits, OTC Meds for colds, pain

relief, itch relief, vitamins, 2009


Summer items for male and female Troops:

Most of the winter items plus small fans, insect repellent, fly swatters, fly strips, white athletic

socks (no logos), sunscreen w/SPF, lip balm, medicated body powder, powdered drink mix

singles, toiletries, no chocolate

May 1 – Sept 1, outdoor games such as horseshoes, soccer balls.

Humanitarian Mission / Disaster Relief Campaign

Central and South America

Please reach out and help our Troops who deploy throughout Central & South America to

conduct humanitarian missions and disaster relief on behalf of our Nation. Soldiers, Sailors,

and Airmen deploy to Central and South America and are away from their families for long

periods of time and need to know that their Nation has not forgotten them. The commanders for

these deployed Troops understand fully that AdoptaPlatoon's focus is for our Troops fighting in

Iraq and Afghanistan but request if it is possible to acknowledge them and help with some of the

needed items, they would be deeply appreciative. There are approximately 60 U.S. Troops

deployed to this unit, 20 of them are females. Due to security reasons, individual Service

Members' names cannot be given but they would be so deeply grateful for support as a whole


We suggest sending heavier items in Flat Rate Boxes: (usps.com).

FOOD/BEVERAGE: Lunch Meat (canned), variety packs of cereal, Kashi Bars/Cereals,

Healthier selection of microwavable foods, Hispanic Food Products (Rice, Beans), Club

Crackers, Jalapeño Cheetos, Café Bustelo, "To- Go" drink packets (tea, crystal lite), coffee

creamer, tea/flavored hot cocoa, honey, salad dressing, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Louisiana Hot

Sauce w/ Red Dot, Olive Oil more "sauces"/marinades BBQ sauces, canned vegetables,

prepackaged cookies.

HYGIENE ETC: Man Scent Liquid Soap (AXE), Man Shampoo (Manpoo), Cosmetics, Lip-

gloss, Nail Polish** Floss threaders for bridges, Floss-n-Toss, Listerine, ACT Fluoride Rinse,

Soft Toothbrushes, hair rollers, Men's shaving supplies (sensitive skin),

MISCELLANEOUS: Mini Truckin’, Truckin' or Sport Truckin' Magazines, Shower Hooks, Shower

curtains, Shower Caddy, New DVD releases and CD Music (all kinds). Baseball caps/hats (Nike,

Adidas, Puma.. etc) -Rain Gear, Umbrellas, eyeglass repair kits, Board Games, Glade Air

fresheners (gel cones).

Support at Sea

Visit their website at http://www.milius.navy.mil/default.aspx

The USS Milius is a guided missile destroyer. Sailors serving aboard the USS Milius are

working very long, hard hours and would appreciate receiving mail and goodies from home;

there’s nothing better at boosting morale than to see the mail being dropped down on the deck

and knowing that there just might be some letters inside or popcorn or microwavable foods.

The Command Master Chief will make sure that everyone shares in whatever is sent to them.

We ask that if you are sending cards or letters from your company or office, that each letter

remains unsealed as it will need to be checked for security reasons….You should also note on

the outside of the envelope if the letter is for a married or a single sailor, or for a female sailor.

You should include your email address in all packages that you send. If you are on the East

Coast Flat Rate boxes are recommended for mailing.


TROOP MAIL: Letters should be sent UNSEALED within a mailing folder; East coast

supporters should use Flat Rate boxes when sending care packages to avoid high postage

costs sending to an FPO AP zip.

HYGIENE ETC: (male and female): Q-tips, mouthwash, nail clippers, razors, baby wipes, hair

conditioner, dark hair restraints, foot care products, skin moisturizer, lip balm, Feminine

products, sunscreen SPF 50, shower shoes, Febreze like products (non aerosol)

FOOD/BEVERAGE: Gatorade powder, powdered drink mix singles, Pringles, prepackaged

cookies, cheese crackers, granola bars, beef jerky, cereal, gummy bears, gum, nuts,

sunflower seeds, pop tarts, cans of fruit, trail mixes, microwavable meals/soups

ENTERTAINMENT: DVD movies, recorded TV/Sports shows on DVD, books

(thrillers, spy, SciFi, Western), magazines (sports, fitness etc., ladies).

newspapers, Army Times, crosswords, word search, Sudoku, comic books, board games,

stationery, pens, all

occasion cards/holiday cards to mail home

MISC: Sewing Kits, eyeglass repair kits, craft kits, art supplies

Thank Y