My Hero. CPL James Dana Gayhart.

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CPL James Dana Gayhart, Army, 31st Inf.Reg., K CO, 7 Inf.Div., MOS 4745 (lt. Weapons Inf.)

I honor my Uncle Dana (my dad's brother) every day. I have so many unanswered questions. Not even the Army has answers to. They don't know when and where Dana went Missing (IN Action) just the approximate date and approximate area. It's so sad that the US can't get into North Korea and find our loved ones! Last year for a bit of closure did have a Memorial Service for Dana since his brother and sisters were all getting very old (no parents living). It was really beautiful but it was just a Memorial and not a funeral. Someday Dana will come home and there will always be a contact family member for the Army to get in touch with when that does happen. It's just a matter of time and they will be back in N Korea searching for him, his friends and others he never had the chance to know. These bracelets and tags are just what I have been looking for for years. I have tried to get copies of his original Army dog tags with no success (you would think the Army would be proud for loved ones to wear their missing loved ones tags, after all he gave the altimate, his life!)and then I find this "Herobracelets" company! I will be so proud to wear these items everyday with my Uncle Dana Gayharts name on them!! Thanks for listening and may God be with each and every soldier, in Heaven or on Earth! "We love and miss you so much CPL James Dana Gayhart