A new HeroBracelet?

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My name is Cory Abbe. I just saw a news story about what you are doing and I am speechless. For someone to do this is wonderful. I see the car magnets on a daily basis but when I ask people about them, the answers I get never seem to be the right ones. It seems that people just have them because they were free or they found it or it just got put on thier car one day. To have a hero bracelet truely shows that you want to honor our heros, abroad and here at home. To try to get to what my subject line suggests, I am a firefighter and my wife is a police officer. I saw on your website that you had HeroBracelets for police officers but not for firefighters. Have you thought about making one? If so I know that I would most definately order one to honor the many firefighters I know and work with and, sadly, for the many more that have given thier lives in order to save another. If you would let me know about any HeroBracelet for the fire service I would greatly appreciate it. I love what you are doing and I can say that I will be giving your web address to all of the service men and women I know and meet. Thank you and may your cause be blessed by our Lord God.