Cigars for Heroes. A new program

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*A Note to All Supporters - We are currently working on launching the Cigars for Heroes Website, We will announce the launch to everyone soon. Until then, please join us on our Facebook page, Cigars for Heroes.

Welcome to Cigars for Heroes. Show your support today by donating premium, quality cigars to the troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When you join Cigars for Heroes, you will be assigned a platoon, rifle company, or squadron that your cigars are sent to. Cigars for Heroes works closely with the military chain of command and Family Readiness officers to get your cigars directly into the hands of the troops. We work to open a channel of communication that connects you with your unit, platoon,or squadron. Share in the victories and the celebrations with your fellow soldiers or marines. Join Cigars for Heroes today.

Cigars for Heroes is a program that provides individuals, corporations, and organizations the opportunity to support our heroes in uniform by donating quality, fresh premium cigars and accessories to our troops currently deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. In addition, by joining Cigars for Heroes you also are helping to support the Wounded Warrior Project. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Through our secure website, supporters will soon be able to purchase premium quality hand-rolled cigars that are sent directly overseas to our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A $29.00 donation includes:

• The Field Pack. The “Field Pack” consists of 5 Premium rolled cigars, shipped and stored in a Spanish cedar box with a cigar cutter and box of cigar matches included.

A $79.00 donation includes:

• The Unit Pack: A 20 pack box of cigars carried in a Spanish cedar box, cutter, and box of matches included with every box.

• A Personal Note from You. Each box donated is shipped with a personalized message inserted and addressed to a solider or marine. You write it. We send it!

Cigar Blends

Cigars for Heroes provides only premium, quality cigars for our heroes in uniform. We roll, package, and ship 2 different blends of cigars ranging from Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Little Havana.

Troubadour Torpedo:

The Troubadour is a nicely made torpedo with a fine draw. It's rich, with a sweet wood flavor, a touch of pepper and decent balance, one of our most popular cigars with our members and customers . We specifically wanted a cigar from Costa Rica so we worked with our master blenders to create this masterpiece. This is one of the few cigars you will see out of this part of cigar country. This cigar has a nice, smooth, and mild taste with subtle hints of spice.

6x52 Torpedo Design

Wrapper: Habano

Binder: Sumatran

Filler: Nicaraguan

* Available in the Field Pack and Unit Pack.

The Chairman Dual Wrap Churchill: Our dual wrapped Churchill provides a robust and flavorsome smoke with a firm and steady draw. It has a predominantly woody character with some spice and leather notes that render the flavors sweet.

7x54 Churchill

Wrapper: Mexican Maduro & Connecticut

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Nicaraguan

* Available in the Field Pack and Unit Pack.

Send Cigars Directly to a Specific Troop

For those who wish to donate cigars to a specific individual or unit, the CigarBoyz Cigars for Heroes program will ship to the APO address of your choice. Just tell us where to send them.

Units We Support

Currently, CigarBoyz sends cigars to soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines directly to units specifically deployed throughout Iraq and Afghanistan. Cigars for Heroes works closely with the Chain of Command from each branch of the military to deliver our cigars right to the troops in the theater.

for more information contact Cigars for Heroes at: info@cigarsforheroes.