A team of Angels

Good Morning,

I heard about your donation fo the bracelets to Fort Hood. Could we chat by phone to share ideas? It seems like we have similar missions - to offer comfort and hope. I look forward to speaking to you. My cell is below. Thanks.

I sent this letter to Features Editor, Brian Bowers, of the military newspaper Stars and Stripes. Back in 1999, they launched the team of angels project by writing a feature story of my desire to send 5000 team of angels pins to the troops serving in the Balkans. I sent them to military chaplains, spouses' deployment groups, and the family support centers. I hope to send 4000 team of angels pins to the grieving members of the military families, as well as to active duty personnel at Fort Hood. I hope that Brian Bowers responds. I will need a lot of help packing the pins and getting them ready to send. Perhaps local school children and community members would help package the pins and help with the costs involved. The original article that the Stars and Stripes published is in the above attachment. Please see the letter below that explains how a "desperate housewife" (Me!) was inspired to try to PIN THE WORLD TOGETHER with angel pins. May I please set up a time to share ideas? Thank you and I look forward to speaking to you. Happy Thanksgiving. Betty Freeman and Ruth Seacrest were very helpful back when the project began.

Trisha Gallagher