Hypnotherapy for PTSD and Combat Stress.

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Title: Stress / PTSD help!?

Dear readers:

I want to explain two things to start with and give you more detail as we go.

1. There is help for Stress if you really want to do something about it and have no physical inhibiting factors to your mind.

2. I have helped people with stress and pain management and would like to offer my services to many more, but need your help to get it set up. More on this later.

Help for Stress

Do you or someone you know suffer from any of the following?

* Constantly on the alert 24 / 7?

* Afraid to let your guard down?

* Can’t sleep at night?

* Irritable with interruptions?

* Get sick every time you turn around?

* Can’t get pleasure from things that you used to enjoy doing?

* Been diagnosed as stressed or having PTSD?

Do you want to change that and get on with your life?

The Power within you.

You are armed with the most powerful source of help known to mankind; to make improvements, overcome adversity and make changes in your life.

The answer is in this phrase by Napoleon Hill  - Whatsoever the ‘mind’ of man can conceive and believe . . . . it can achieve.

Another way of saying this is – If an undamaged mind can learn and understand and idea, you can make it come to reality.

‘You’ are the driving force.

If you need help making changes in your life, you are not alone, it happens to many people. The power and control is within you, but you may just need a little assistance to get where you want to go. I am merely a guide to help you, while you are always in total control.

Contact me to see what we can do to help you work on changes in your mind to what you strongly desire it to react like.


Without going through the theory of the mind right now, let me say that everything you know today came from ‘learning’. Two exceptions are fear of falling and fear of loud noises. You were born with just these two.

Learning can make changes in your life and how you react to things.

You can learn something today that makes you look and react to things differently than you did yesterday.

It happens all the time.

For example:

Yesterday - The all weather tires on your vehicle should keep you safe in all kinds of weather.

Today – There was several inches of slush on the road and you want to change lanes while driving down the highway. The slush catches your front tire and pulls the wheel to one side so strongly that you may lose control of the vehicle.

If you are not experienced in driving in slush, you could end up having an accident.

You learned something.

The performance of the tires does not change, but the outcome is up to you.  If it is your first time in slush . . . you learned that the tires can only do so much. You think differently today than you did yesterday about what the tires can . . and cannot do.

You learn things because you want to master them to make a better life for yourself. Every day presents opportunities to learn something new.

You also need to know that everybody learns at a different rate.

Some things you learn the first time you see, hear or do them.

Some things take going over them several times before they become like a habit.

We do most things in our life out of habits that we have learned. We pretty much function in our daily life by relying on our habits.

Habits are what we learned to do at any given situation and that action is stored in your subconscious mind.

For instance, if you are to go through a door, you do not stop to ask yourself the following questions first: Is it wood or metal? Does it have a knob on the left or right side or a release bar across the middle? Do you push or pull? . . .

Because you have gone through so many doors, you look at the door and automatically go through it. . . by the habits that you learned and live by.


Habits dictate how you react to any given situation. Most of the time, you are not even thinking about what you are doing. . . You just automatically do what you have learned to do. Those actions are stored in your subconscious mind.

If you constantly turn around and go through the door backwards, from habit, then you need to relearn how to go through the door forwards.

The same thing happens when you hear a loud noise.

On the fourth of July, your reaction was that you knew it was fireworks and you may have gotten a thrill from realizing it.

If you have been in a life threatening situation because of a loud noise, you have a totally different reaction.

If you were in a situation to where you needed to constantly be on the alert, always pushing yourself to keep going, even when you think you can’t. Exhaustion sets in, your mind has been overloaded on the conscious level and you go on auto pilot. You have trained your mind and body to perform certain actions without thinking.

You rely on what you have learned and made as habits to keep you going and in some cases kept you alive.

How your mind functions on stress

The mind generally functions on about two hours of rest in every twenty four hours. The rest of the time, it is very busy going over what has happened during the waking hours. Trying to sort things out, make sense of what happened and what could of or what should have happened, pain, trauma and so on.

Without reaching a level of rest by assurance that things are OK, the mind becomes overloaded and goes into a constant defensive / reactive mode.

You don’t seem to be able to shut you mind off and balance out like you used to.

Everything becomes an irritation, there is no satisfaction when doing anything.

There is no pleasure in the things that you once loved to do.

You get every flu / cold / bug that is going around, or just don’t feel good.

You just wish you could make things alright again. Change things back to a more peaceful way of living.

Changing your life

When you want to change things in your life, but are having difficulty doing it and feel like there is no way out . . . maybe there is an answer is within you, with a little bit of help.

The main ingredient is that you ‘really want’ to make the change in your life.

If you don’t want it bad enough, it may never happen.

On the other hand, if you ‘Really Want’ to make changes in your life and you are willing to work for them . . . then Congratulations! ! !

You have taken the first step.

Once you have made up your mind that you really want to make changes, the next most important question that you need to answer is - has your brain has been physically damaged?

The undamaged brain is one of the most powerful tools that you can ever put to use. Remember what Napoleon Hill said. Whatever the mind can learn and believe it can achieve.

Some times you just need a little help.

How your mind works while keeping you safe

Have you ever been traveling along and all of a sudden realize that you are at your destination and didn’t remember the trip? – or – all of a sudden you look up and realize that you just missed your turn?

What happened?

You were in a form of hypnosis.

You were safe.

You were able to drive safely, slow down, speed up and make turns just like you were supposed to. You could even stop and then go again just like you were supposed to.

Have you ever been so focused on learning something that time flew by and you didn’t realize it?

You were in a form of hypnosis.

Did you know that you go into and out of hypnosis a minimum of two times a day?

Just before dropping off to sleep and just before waking from sleep.

How does hypnosis work to help change your actions

Remember, when I said that you have learned everything that you know? Sometimes you learned by going through it once and sometimes it took several times to understand it?

Some of the things that you learned are a plus for you and some of the things that you learned are a minus for you.

Let’s talk about stress reactions. These are negative reactions in your life.

You cannot relax. You are always on the alert. You are irritable. You cannot get pleasure from things that you used to, and you just cannot stop thinking about stressful situations.

If you really want to change your thought patterns to the plus side, hypnotherapy can help guide you.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis . . . nobody else can do it for you. You only need a guide to maximize the results while guiding you into hypnosis.

With hypnosis, you are always in complete charge of the situation.

In fact, your senses are heightened.

You not only hear the voice of the hypnotherapist, but you hear things that you might not be aware of in a fully awake state – like a car or truck driving by, an air conditioner cycling, and at the same time, make a list of grocery’s to pick up after the session is over.

If at any time you do not feel comfortable, you can just open your eyes, get up and walk away. You are in that much control. You will probably not want to do this since you will be very comfortable and want to go even deeper to gain as much benefit as possible from the session.

How to get hypnotherapy

Here is where I need input from:

1. those who want my hypnotherapy - Send an email to Charles -  brakaway38@yahoo.com

2. those who want to offer office space for me to have sessions and

3. those who would offer business start up costs to get this great assistance into motion.

(NOTICE: HeroBracelets.org is not in the business of offering therapy or hypnotherapy, but when we hear from a reader wanting to help those who seek help, we're more than happy to pass on the information. We cannot accept any responsiblity for any actio