My Hero. My Brother. PFC William D. Guiod.

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My brother William D Guiod was a PFC in the USMC. He died suddenly at Camp Lejune on Oct. 25,2005. He just finished his second tour of duty. Willie followed a long line of Military personal in our family. My parents martha and chirs guiod adopted all of us. There are four. Myself being the olny girl. I have Chris and James. Willie was in the middle with me. My parets are white and took a huge chance back then adopting 4 african american babies. They rasied us in a prodominatley white neighborhood in Dedham Ma. I wanted to get my mom a hero bracelet because she deserves one. BUt I have’nt had the money. I am a single mom. My son looks up to his uncle still. Willie is buried at Brookdale Cemetary in Dedham. Where he belongs. I am sending this email and hopefully Fox News will get it. I don’t think FOX realizes that there is a HOMETOWN hero whos family resides on the same street as the station. It would be an honor to be able to give my mother one of these braclets and Let her have a chance to tell you about Our brother, Son ,best friend, uncle, OUR EVERYTHING.PFC William D Guiod. Thankyou for your ti