My Hero. My Son. PJ Sora JR.

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Dear Herobracelets,

I am a Herobracelets wearer... in memory of my son PJ Sora Jr.   PJ was a LCPL in the Marine Corps, and was tragically killed in a HUMVEE roll over at 29 Palms, California, while preparing for deployment to Iraq with his weapons company.

I not sure most Americans are aware of how many of our service members all killed each year as a result of training exercises or non hostile circumstances.  I do know this... PJ was an exemplary Marine who had many options in life, but chose the Marine Corps, and volunteered for assignment to a weapons company 3/5 that was headed to Fallujah in the fall of 2004. Even though he never made it to Iraq, he gave his life at age 19 in the battle against terrorism just as surely as if Osama Bin Laden had shot him.

I miss him beyond words, and I promise him each week when I visit his gravesite (NH Vets Cemetery), that I will keep his memory alive as best I can.

Peter J. Sora Sr

Father of Lcpl Peter J. Sora Jr - Killed May 4, 2