My Jason

Tags: HeroStories

My Jason was the first man in my life to ever protect me. He tried to help me understand the war, the sacrifices, and how to stay strong. The first person I trusted unconditionally by choice. Jason was a lead and a man that everyone in his unit respected, loved, and honored. He left behind a son and a family that loved him more than life itself. Now, almost 5 years later, I still sleep in his clothes and have his pictures by the bed. I received a Hero Bracelet that was given out to the men in his unit but now it is worn and ready to be retired. The world stopped the day we lost Jason, my love and much of my heart. I believe I will wear a bracelet in memory of him until the day I die and which case I will take it with me. Jason is a true hero, a true leader, and a man loved by many.

Samantha M