My two HeroBracelets.

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I wear 2 bracelets.  One is an MIA from the VN war.  This is the 3rd

bracelet I have had bearing his name, which I have worn since 1975.  You

can imagine that 35 years is pretty hard on just 1 bracelet.  The second

bracelet is a young Spc from Sherman, Texas.  There were no casualities

from my hometown, Denison, but one from the neighboring town.  It is, and

has always been, an honor to wear the bracelet(s), and explain to those who

do not know what KIA, MIA,and POW mean.

Helping someone to understand (even to a small degree) exactly what

sacrifice means is one of the best ways I can think of, to honor those

brave soldiers and sailors who gave so much, and continue to do so.  Please

share with Fox why I wear the bracelets, and will, until the MIA's status

is fully known.


Butch Burgin

Duncanville, Te