Tell Your Hero Story on CBS!

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We’ve been asked by KHOU’s morning show, Great Day Houston and their host Deborah Duncan to help them find great folks to appear on a one-hour special salute to our troops.

The show will be shot May 18th in Houston at the KHOU studios and will air Memorial Day.

If you’d like to appear on the show, please contact us with your name, email, phone and what you’d like to talk about.

We’re looking for people to share their Hero Stories:

–Surprise a family member with their loved one they think is far

away, but really in the next room. (so if you’re deployed and coming home around May 18th to Houston, let us know before you call your family! We’d love to surprise them!)

–Families wearing HeroBracelets for a deployed soldier. We’d like to get a group to talk to them via live feed.

–Area soldiers who want to skype to say thanks for all the support back home, to the folks wearing their names on HeroBracelets.

–Soldiers who adopted pets in war zones and got to bring them back to the states. How the animal helped them while serving etc.

–Any Tuskegee airmen in Houston?

–People wearing random Memorial HeroBracelets that would like to meet the families of the men and women on their bracelets. Send us the name you’ve been wearing and we’ll see if we can arrange for you all to meet.

–Soldiers with a story to tell connected to Houston.

–Military family support organizations

Anyone with a real connection to those serving, WE’D LOVE TO HELP YOU SHARE YOUR STORY!

Email us at today!

Chris Greta

Director HeroBracelets.