From a very proud Marine Mom

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Hello, I don't even know where to get started. My name is Seana-Lynn from Marine.  I'm a single mom of two great young men who are now both in the Marine Corps.  My older son just got back from Afghan and my younger son is just now getting done with S.O.I. then I'm sure sometime soon he will head over to Afghan too.Ive raised these boys alone for most of their lives.Not always living in the best places but always together.  To tell you the truth I thought neither one of the would make much of themselves always hoping.When my son turned 18 in 2008 a few days after he calls me to tell me he joined the Marines. I'm like ohhhh no you didn't. Well he did and there was nothing I can do about it but have his back. The day I put him on the plane to go to boot camp I thought my world fell apart til the ride home. My younger son said mom please don't be mad but I think I want to go into the Marines to.  I looked over and said please not now one at a time.  He was 16 well 2009 we started to fill the papers out.  I wasn't happy.  At the time I really was only thinking of me. Wat was I going to do all alone. Feb 2010 I put my baby on the plane.  These boys are my Heroes because they over came the stereo type.  And no matter what they always makes sure mama is ok.  I know when i go to sleep at night I know not only have my back they

have the U.S. back. Thank you for your time.

Very Proud 2x Marine Mom