Our Hero. Our Son. LT Darryn Deen Andrews. An American Hero.

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Our son, 2nd. Lt. Darryn Deen Andrews was an amazing son, husband,

father, brother, friend and soldier.  He loved fishing, scuba diving,

sky diving and playing with his son. He made life-long friends

everywhere he went.  He was a positive influence on the young men when

he was coaching.  Many former students contacted us to tell us what a

positive impact he had had on their lives.  His fellow soldiers wrote

and told us what a good soldier and leader he was.  He was a believer

in Jesus Christ and wasn"t shy to tell you this.  He was a platoon

leader 3rd PLT Blackfoot 1-501 IN ABN when his unit came under attack.

He shoved 3 of his men down and took a direct hit from a RPG.  He has

received two Purple Hearts, Bronze Star and The Silver Star for his