Deployed HeroBracelets for the family.

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Here is the set up. Luisa, the one crying and the one pictured with me and her husband- threw me the dinner party at her home. I purposely wore my uniform (im Navy)- going to serve with the Army for 460 days embedded in Afghanistan as an OR nurse. But I had my "joint" uniform already so I let them see a sneek peek of me in what i would be wearing.

I also had my mother (in yellow) and I wore our Hero bracelets. Anyway- Luisa saw mine and said "i want one". I told her that I had them made for family. She was like- "I dont care tell me the site and Ill order one". Well little did she know (I considered her family) I had one for her, and all the women in my "circle". So I had her close her eyes, and I had the camera ready and got her! Hence, why I am smiling and she wasnt! lol. And I put the bracelet on her, and she hugged me.

The other pics I purposely told the girls I wanted to send you all the pic forthe website. So- I said put your hands on me- for support showing the bracelet. It was funny, and then antoher girl had the idea of looking from the ground up, so you can choose. I sent the best ones to you.

At the end of this month I am having a party and I will give out the remainder to family and my Navy "shipmates" as a suprise. I send you those later.

I had "My Friend"...and my info on the bracelet, "My Shipmate"..and my info, My Daughter...My Sissy..., My Cousin, and so well as a few other bracelet designs. Thanks.


LT Kathryn Wilgus, USNAVYDeployed HeroBracelets for Deployed HeroBracelets for LT. Kathryn WilgusDeployed HeroBracelets for Lt. Kathryn WilgusDeployed HeroBracelets for Lt. Kathryn Wilgus<