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Jan 07, 2011 – A spokesman from The American Patriot Program (TAPP) has announced that its Operation Fire and Ice Tour will be making a stop at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on Monday, January 17th.

The Dallas Stars face off against the the Los Angeles Kings for a 7:30 game time puck drop.

United States Marine Corps Veteran and Purple Heart recipient Cpl. Zachary Briseno of Fort Worth, Texas has been selected as TAPP's third honored 'American Patriot' of the 2010-2011 NHL award season.

The Vaughn Hockey crafted American Patriot Goalie Stick Award will be awarded to the second combat wounded Veteran of the United States Marine Corps of TAPP's hockey award season.  United States Army National Guardsmen Michael Peterson was recognized with the national level award on December 20th.

Dallas Stars Foundation Executive Director Lora Farris emphasized the commitment of the Dallas Stars to the Veteran community of Texas: “The Dallas Stars Hockey Club is proud to be associated with the presentation of the American Patriot Award to Cpl. Zachary Briseno. Our entire organization would like to say thank you to all of the service men and women around the world who preserve our freedom.”

Cpl. Zachary Briseno was nominated for the American Patriot Award by Operation Military Embrace President Jerry Reed.  Reed, a Marine Veteran himself stated, "Cpl. Zachary Briseno has valiantly and courageously upheld the Marines’ tradition of honor, courage and commitment through his valorous service in Iraq."

Cpl. Briseno's convoy was hit by an IED in 2007 while out on patrol in Fallujah, Iraq, on Nov. 29.  The subsequent explosion blew a hole in the floorboard beneath Briseno causing major damage to his lower extremities and right arm.  Due to the severity of the injuries to his legs, Doctor's had to amputate below the knees on both legs.

America Supports You Texas president Jack Barnes stated, "Cpl. Briseno's incredible sacrifice for our Country make his selection as TAPP's 34th 'Honored American Patriot' an awesome start to the 2011 American Patriot award season."  Barnes continued, "Our entire team at America Supports You Texas is entirely grateful for what this Marine gave towards our costly American freedom."

The January TAPP-Dallas Stars Honor Event is the third American Patriot award presentation of the 2010-2011 NHL Award season.  Events have been previously hosted by the Minnesota Wild (December) and the Columbus Blue Jackets (November).  The February 'Fire & Ice' tour host will be named the final week of January.

Sam Seelbach is one of the event planners for TAPP's January honor event and expressed her appreciation for the sacrifices that the Marine Veteran made, saying, "I am humbled to participate in honoring a true American hero as words simply cannot express the gratitude and appreciation in my heart for the sacrifices Cpl. Briseno has made for all of us.”

The Governors Office of the State of Texas is also drafting a proclamation for Cpl. Zachary Briseno and TAPP's pleasantry team is also arranging the 2011 pleasantry package for the event.

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Don Ballard has stepped up again to honor an award recipient with personalized letter of congratulations and patriot meal pleasantries have been graciously being provided by Long John Silvers, KFC, and Golden Corral.

Wally York with Long John Silver's is attending his second American Patriot Program honor event.  York mentioned, "Long John Silver's has great respect for the men and women of our Armed Forces.  This Marine served our Country at great personal sacrifice and we are extremely grateful to be taking part in such a special event."

York's son Matthew is an active duty member of  the United States Marine Corps.

The pleasantry presentation will take place during a pregame group ceremony  while the American Patriot Goalie Stick Award will be presented in a special staging area following the first period of play.

The Dallas Marriott Suites Market Center is TAPP's 'Fire and Ice' official hotel sponsor for the January 2011 American Patriot Program Honor Event for Cpl. Zachary Briseno.  Out of town guests are encouraged to contact Marriott Sales Manager Nick Shade via email at or by phone at 214.589.6102.

The Dallas Stars are also extending a discounted ticket price for this exclusive event.  To purchase tickets please contact the Dallas Stars at 214.387.5500 or visit the official website of the Dallas Stars at

For media inquiries into the event please contact Dallas Stars Senior Communications Director Rob Scichili at 214.387.5556 or

To learn more about TAPP's Operation Fire and Ice tour please visit the official online home of the American Patriot Program at or by contacting TAPP at 320.212.0654.

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The American Patriot Program is comprised of a group of nine volunteer organizations joined through America's Favorite National Pastime and the great sport of American ice hockey to honor combat wounded American Veterans.