About Us

HeroBracelets.org was founded in 2004 for two reasons.

We are the Original HeroBracelet™ Memorial Bracelets, and we wanted to pay our respects and honor members of the Armed Forces fallen in the conflict around the world. We believe, that as Americans, we should all show our respect and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, as well as those serving.  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, from Navy SEALs to Police Officers to the Firefighters of 9-11. Heroes can be K-9s or Your Everyday Hero- your mom, your dad, child, best friend, sister, brother, pet, or self! Secondly, we wanted to raise money for military families.

Over the last ten years, we’ve heard from literally thousands of HeroBracelet™ Memorial bracelet wearers and we’ve been fortunate enough to meet many of you. We've traveled to the Pentagon and met wounded warriors and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. You’ve sent us questions, ideas, photos and stories from cities all around the world, from the battlefields in the Middle East to towns around America. It has been an honor to talk to so many of you. You’ve sent many suggestions that we have worked hard to fulfill. We’ve added several new styles of bracelets and tags, as well as making custom bracelets and tags for deployed Military Personnel, Purple Heart Recipients and those lost in Vietnam. We’ve also extended HeroBracelets to all Military Personnel involved in all conflicts, past and present, to our First Responders and recently, to any Hero who fills a part of our hearts. 

HeroBracelets.org donates 2.00 from the sale of every HeroBracelet™ to well vetted non-profit organizations.  At this writing over $300,000.00 has been given to non-profits that are doing great work around the country. We're always open to supporting new organizations so please feel free to contact us.

HeroBracelets.org is located in Austin, Texas and was founded by Christopher and Loree Greta. We have no full time employees and work very hard to keep costs as low as possible and give prompt customer service while providing the highest quailty bracelets anywhere. Everything we offer is custom made when you order and we have spent a decade improving the quality of our annodized aluminum HeroBracelet to be strong, have smooth edges and be a HeroBracelet that you can wear with pride.

The staff, friends and volunteers at HeroBracelets.org want to thank you for your support. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at any time at orders@herobracelets.org. Customers like you are our top priority and we strive to answer your emails and questions in a very timely manner.

We would love to hear your story and see your HeroBracelet™ Photos!  Please share with us and email us anytime!

Thank you for your support. And keep a Hero in your heart. Wear one on your wrist. 

  All of our Custom HeroBraceletTM are proudly made in the USA