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Standard HeroBracelet™

Our basic Memorial HeroBracelets and tags are made from anodized aluminum. Anodization is a process similar to chrome plating, leaving a thin, very strong protective film and a lustrous sheen. The laser engraving removes the anodized surface, revealing the aluminum. The result: a colored bracelet or tag with light silver-colored lettering.

Most OTHER memorial/KIA bracelets cut from big sheets of thin anodized aluminum. This process produces an inferior bracelet because the aluminum is soft, easily bent or broken, and the edges are unfinished and raw. 

Only genuine HeroBracelets are created using a secret process we developed ourselves! Every bracelet is individually formed with rounded edges, then tumble polished and anodized. This creates a much stronger bracelet that's always comfortable to wear. The custom message is laser etched through the anodized color. Other bracelets are machine etched often leaving burrs on the surface.  It’s been our goal from the beginning to provide the best quality bracelet available, at the lowest possible price and still make the $2.00 donation with every bracelet. No other bracelet available can make that promise!

The aluminum bracelets are 6.75” wide and .625” high. We offer black, bronze, purple, blue, red and pink. They’re pre-shaped and easily adjusted for a better fit. If you’re buying for a very small child, we suggest getting a HeroTag or a small silver or leather bracelet instead.


Our light colored, full-grain leather bracelets are laser engraved, like the metal bracelets. This gives the appearance of burned or branded text. They’re .625” high and come in two sizes. Small bracelets are 8.25″ in length, 7″ from snap to snap; larger are 9.75″ in length, 8.5″ from snap to snap. While the color varies slightly from bracelet to bracelet, the surface ages to a nice golden patina.


Memorial (black aluminum) and deployed (bronze aluminum) HeroTags are 2″ x 1.125″ and come with a 24″ ball chain. Silver tags are 1.75″ by 1″ with an 18″ sterling chain.


Sterling silver and copper HeroBracelets are handmade by a master silversmith. Each bracelet is individually crafted and each letter is hand stamped into the metal. These are NOT made by machine and won’t be exactly perfect. Each one is an individual work of art and is numbered and dated. Small bracelets are 5.5″ wide by .375″ high and over 14 grams; large bracelets, 6.5″ wide by .625″ high, over 33 grams.


We offer two styles of Legion HeroBracelet. Both are entirely hand made when you order. They are made of heavy copper and carry a 100 year guarantee! Each is a unique work of art that will last for many generations. 


HeroBracelets makes a $2.00 donation to non-profit service organization of your choice with each item purchased. We’ve got over a dozen on our list and are adding new ones all the time. If your organization would like to be part of this program, please contact us. 


  • Aluminum bracelets: two lines of 60 characters each, including spaces. The top line is 19 pt; the bottom line, 15 pt.
  • Leather bracelets: two lines of 45 characters each, including spaces. The top line is 19 pt; the bottom line, 15 pt.
  • Aluminum tags: four lines of 25 characters each, including spaces.
  • Sterling Silver and copper bracelets: 2 lines of 40 characters each, including spaces. Letters are all caps, approximately 1/16” high.
  • Sterling Silver tags: 4 lines of 25 characters each, including spaces. Letters are all caps, approximately 1/16” high.

When you input the data for your order, please triple check everything!!! Because of the personalized nature of the messages, we really can’t proof them. Please carefully review your orders before submitting to make sure you’re happy with the message! We trust that you’ll proof your orders!


Shipping Time:

Your HeroBracelet™ order will arrive to you in Two to Three weeks.  Sterling Silver and Copper are handmade and engraved one letter at a time.  Please allow for our artisans to create a beautiful product customized for you.  We sincerely appreciate your patience and support.

OVerseas shipping: Customs in your country may hold the package for an additional 2 weeks.  Please anticipate this.


  • We ship via first-class U.S. Postal Service; tracking is not available.
  • USPS shipping can take an additional 2 to 7 days (after we have shipped) 
  • We charge a flat $4.50 for shipping and handling per order (not per item); $8.50 for international orders.
  • Different items from the same order may be shipped in separate envelopes.
  • On larger orders of 100 or more items, we often ship via UPS. Contact us with your order if you would like expedited shipping or insurance.


IMPORTANT: When filling out the shipping address for APO/FPO address:

City: Use APO/FPO as the city

State: AA = US: Armed Forces America; AE = US: Armed Forces Europe; AP = US: Armed Forces Pacific

Country: Use United States as the country.


Please include the order number, date the order was placed and your name when emailing with questions about your order to orders@herobracelets.org